Ascent to Samitos (1.000m)

The mountain is situated between Psiloritis and Kedros. The ascent to the peak can begin from the villages Amari, Opsigias or Monastiraki. The climbing is relatively easy and lasts about 2 hours. The small church of St Dimitrios is found at a height of 800 m. above the village Opsigias. On the east side of the slope at the same height, there is a cave “Bana” near a small spring, which was a place of worshiping the ancient God Pan.

As we move on towards the peak after about half an hour, we come across the shaped platform where skydiving from the slope begins (to five) and its diving and landing on the plain of the village Sholi Asomaton gives a spectacular sight. On the peak the stone church of Lord – Christ is built. The panoramic view embraces all the area of the Municipality and goes up to the Libuan and the Cretan Sea.