Bread Making

Make bread the traditional way

Let us show you the traditional way of making bread and let’s bake it together afterwards in the wood oven! It will be the best bread you have ever tasted, for sure. You will then enjoy the bread you made yourselves with an amazing meal that we will prepare for you!

10:00 Meet at the a specific meeting point and start our way to the village Thronos.
10:45 Arriving in the village and enjoy a warm welcome from the owners and the staff of the place, Lambros (the father) Maria and Eleutheria (daughters) , Haroula, Dimitra (staff). Breathe fresh mountain air, feel the energy of nature, relax with the songs of birds and taste a homemade lemonade and of course raki!
11:15 Place woods in the wood oven so as to be ready for baking the bread.
11:30 We are ready to mix the flour with water and “prozimi”, the Cretan homemade yeast and make our loafs of bread! Women in the past years had to spend about two hours in order to knead the bread for their family! But we are lucky as we have Dimitra, who will show us tricks in order to have perfect loafs! We will then wait for the bread to rise.
12:15 We will watch the procedure of taking the burning woods out of the oven, cleaning the oven and help Dimitra to put the loafs in the wood oven. While the bread is baking, we will visit the Old Byzantine church of the village which has amazing frescos!
12:50 Our bread is ready now and it smells so good! Enjoy fresh warm bread with olive oil!
13:30 Time for a typical Cretan lunch in taverna Aravanes! Enjoy your meal, bread, wine, fruits and desert.
14:50 It’s time to leave Thronos! In order to remember us we will give you a loaf of bread for your friends back home! Don’t worry, homemade bread can be kept in the fridge for a couple of days!

Includes: lunch, wine, fruits, desert.
We can arrange transfer from your hotel and back with a small extra charge.

Minimum participants: 4 persons
Children under 10 years old: free of charge.
Children over 10 years old: 30€
Adults: 55€
For more information please contact us.