Climbing to Mount Ida (Psiloritis)

Night climbing to Mount Ida (Psiloritis)

Ida is the highest mountain of Crete, so climbing to its top, is a lifetime experience. This is a 20-hours tour and you will be escorted by two experienced guides. An amazing tour that will allow you to admire the starry Cretan sky and feel the beauty of the sun while rising from the top of Ida.

18:00 Meet with two experienced local guides. Departure from village Thronos and arrive in the area Toumpotos Prinos at 19:30. We will prepare our dinner there by cooking meat in fire and taste a variety of other Cretan food. We will then rest around the fire until 01:00.
01:30 Start climbing at the top with some stops for rest and for taking photos.
05:30 We are at the top! Enjoy the sun rising and breath fresh Cretan air! Don’t forget to take photos! Have a light breakfast!
08:30 We start returning back with some stops for rest and photos.
11:00 We are back in Toumpotos Prinos.
12:30 We arrive at village Thronos.
13:30 Our tour is now completed! You may be tired, but you will will be for sure excited! You have seen the whole Crete from above, you have lived unforgettable moments and have made new friends! It was a unique experience!

You will need: warm clothes and comfortable shoes.
This tour is suitable for people without health issues.
Includes personal bag with fruits, nuts, chocolate, coffee, tea, water, bread, cheese and egg.
Dinner at Toumpotos Prinos.

Price: 120€ per person
Minimum participants: 5 persons
Difficulty: Medium
For more information please contact us.


Visit mount Ida

This is a 7-hours tour in the caves of the mountain and in traditional places where locals make cheese. The tour also includes an experienced guide who speaks English and lives in the area. An amazing meal will be ready for you, prepared in the oven, after the visit to Ida.

11:00 Meeting with an experienced local guide at village Thronos and departing to the area Pana.
12:00 Arriving to Pana and enjoy a tour in the cave of ancient God Pana and a tour to a mountain cave where locals make cheese, called “Mitato” and we will also meet the man who makes the cheese. We will walk in the area for about 50 minutes admiring the fauna and flora of the area.
14:30 Arriving in the area “Papa Lako” and prepare our lunch. Time to enjoy our lunch, get some rest, walk around for a while and shoot some photos.
17:00 It’s time to leave this wild and amazing area.
18:00 Arriving in Thronos, tired but excited and full of new experiences!

Includes transfer from the village to Psiloritis and back.
Personal bag with fruits, nuts and water.
Lunch at the mountain.
We can transfer you from your hotel and back with a small extra charge.

Price: 80€
Minimum participants: 5 persons
For more information please contact us.


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