Cooking Lessons

A unique chance to learn how to cook like a Cretan

Learn how to prepare and cook traditional Cretan recipes using Cretan olive oil and vegetables from Aravanes’ garden, make pies as well as bake in the wood oven! You can then enjoy the meal you have prepared with wine, overlooking the Amari valley.

10:00 Meet at the the specific meeting point and start our way to village Thronos.
10:45 Arriving in the village and enjoy a warm welcome from the owners and the staff, Lambros (the father) Maria and Eleutheria (daughters), Haroula, Dimitra (staff). Breathe fresh mountain air, feel the energy of nature, relax with the songs of birds and taste a homemade lemonade and of course raki!
11:15 Let’s go together to our vegetable garden to collect tomatoes, zucchini and greens!
11:45 Start preparing our lunch, stuffed vegetables or zucchini with eggs in tomato sauce, or Cretan pies.
12:30 The food is ready to be cooked. We will light a small fire to cook it the traditional way.
13:00 In the meanwhile you will have the chance to visit with Lambros the Byzantine church of 11th century, Panagia and admire the rare frescos.
13:00 The food is ready and delicious! Enjoy your food and a variety of local starters, local wine, homemade bread, fruits and desert!
14:30 Our lesson is complete! We hope you enjoyed it! We are more than grateful having met you!

Duration: 3 hours
Children under 10 years old: free of charge.
Children over 10 years old: 25€
Adults: 50€
For more information please contact us.


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