Important stops

Apart from the remarkable number of places to stop and enjoy oneself and attract their interest, important stops for every visitor are the following:

  • The potami Dam: Going round the lake along the ring road for about 9 km.
  • Merona’s former campsite: modern camping
  • Sholi Asomaton: Sholi Taxiarhon – Farming Museum – Modern Tourist unit
  • Archaeological Sites: of Sivritos, Monastiraki, Veni
  • Patsos’ gorge: Going through and exiting to Potami Dam
  • Platania’s gorge
  • The Arkadi Monastery: The monastery is situated 9 kilometers away from the village Thronos. The monastery played an important role during the Cretan resistance period. In November 1866, 943 people found shelter in the monastery to hide from the Turkish. After fighting for 3 days,they decided to blow themselves up using barrels full of gunpowder rather than surrender to the Turkish forces. Every year, at the 8th of November, the locals celebrate this event.