Thronos, one (1) km after Klisithi, is built under the hill “Kefalas” which used to be the residential center of ancient Sivritos, one of the most significant autonomous towns of Western Crete, which flourished during the Roman and the 1st Byzantine period.

Its modern name comes from the bishop’s throne, the registered offices of the bishop of Sivritos during the 1st Byzantine period. The remaining Byzantine church of Virgin Mary, full of murals, at the center of the village is built on the ruins of the tessellated floor of the older church. The murals of the church, of unique value, have been preserved and are in good condition.

The view to the fertile valley of Amari and the Lybean Sea is unique. Right after Thronos (1 km) we reach the headquarters of the Municipality, Agia Fotini.