Traditional Laundry Lessons

Learn how to do laundry the traditional Cretan way!

Did you know that women in the past used ash to clean and sterilise their clothes? A different way of using ash, olive oil soap, hot water and herbs! Once you have completed your lesson, you will enjoy a tasteful meal with wine!

10:00 Meet at the the specific meeting point and start our way to village Thronos.
10:45 Arriving in the village and enjoy a warm welcome from the owners and the staff of the place, Lambros (the father) Maria and Eleutheria (daughters), Haroula, Dimitra (staff). Breathe fresh mountain air, feel the energy of nature, relax with the songs of birds and taste a homemade lemonade and of course raki!
11:15 It’s time to bring the clothes at the area where women used to wash them in the past! We will need a bid basket with holes and a special thick fabric for the ash. We will start a small fire in order to boil water and to collect the ash from the woods.
12:00 Hot water is ready but first we have to pre-wash the clothes with handmade olive oil soap and water from the spring! Then we will put them in the special basket, and put the ash and the hot water! We will leave the clothes until the water gets cold and we will return back after lunch.
13:00 Enjoy a traditional meal in the family taverna Aravanes
14:00 We will return again to our laundry area and we will take the clothes out of the basket! They are so clean and smell so good! They have been sterilized and they are suitable for people who have sensitive skin!
15:00 After bringing the wet clothes back, we leave them in the sun to get dry. Another natural method of sterilization!
15:30 It’s time to leave village Thronos, having lived a unique experience, a taste of the past that doesn’t exist any more!

Includes traditional meal with wine fruits and deserts.
We can arrange transfer from your hotel and back with a small extra charge.

Children under 10 years old: free of charge.
Children over 10 years old: 30€
Adults: 55€
For more information please contact us.


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